Technical Specialties

A Diverse Line of Nonwovens and Long Fiber Paper

Glatfelter’s specialty papers portfolio is one of the largest in the industry, offering a wide range of long fiber and nonwoven paper products. And we also have the distinction of being the only supplier offering both airlaid and wetlaid nonwoven technologies. Worldwide, customers rely on Glatfelter’s technical expertise and ingenuity for one-of-kind solutions to demanding industrial and consumer applications.

Why Choose Glatfelter Technical Specialties?

  • Broad range of capabilities—from lightweights to tag products, uncoated to multiple coating layers, and virgin to recycled fiber.
  • Strong product development and technical support throughout product lifecycles.
  • Large size and integrated operations means more responsive, consistent service and production than the competition.
  • Innovative G-Force microencapsulation technology that allows product developers to add fragrances, flavor, timed-release chemicals, UV resistance, antimicrobial treatments and many other unique features to paper products.
Product Description Application
Airlaid and Wetlaid Nonwoven products Ideal for applications requiring resiliency, high absorption, softness, wet tensile and delamination strengths. The versatility of our fiber-based nonwovens makes them a good choice for a multitude of consumer and industrial applications. Airlaid and wetlaid nonwoven products include: wallcoverings, diapers, surgical masks, industrial wipes, acoustical panels, electrical insulation, wood veneers, PVC flooring, table cloths and many other technical offerings.
Long Fiber Papers 100% biodegradable and formaldehyde-free, Glatfelter’s long fiber papers integrate long natural fibers such as abaca and hemp to create a light but strong material. Long fiber papers include: tapes, Elko, pasting, stencil, packaging.