Tea Blends

We distribute an extensive range of black, green, herbal, fruit and medicinal plants made from the finest ingredients from across the world and blended by the Martin Bauer group.

IPA promises the rapid infusion of Martin Bauer’s quality tea by using Glatfelter quality tea bags. Glatfelter’s premium tea bags allow the aroma, colour and flavour of their teas to be enhanced while providing excellent particle retention.

Martin Bauer’s quality management system has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and many of their quality products have been certified Fair Trade and/or organic by the organic certification body DE-ÖKO-001. In addition, Martin Bauer has many products available that have received kosher and halaal certification. All Martin Bauer teas are tested in accordance with and have received International Food Standard (IFS) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Herbal and Fruit Tea

Our range of herbal and fruit tea blends is as diverse and vibrant as Mother Nature herself, ranging from apple and peppermint to rosehip, hyssop and verbena. Choose from single-ingredient teas like chamomile or experience sensational blends mixing nature’s finest ingredients – some enriched with added vitamins.

Our teas are inspected to ensure they meet the most stringent quality criteria. We guarantee the prolonged life and preserved taste of our teas and our ingredients are carefully selected from various batches by highly qualified staff.

Medicinal Tea

Our extensive range of medicinal teas fulfils all requirements for pharmaceutical tea products. By stringently controlling the selection of medicinal herbs, laboratory analyses and the GMP-certified production process, our teas meet the toughest medicinal criteria.

Black and Green Tea

Our premium black and green teas are created with gentle refining methods ensuring our quality botanicals are mixed with aroma intact. They are refined using herbs and spices that open up a variety of taste nuances.