Uncompromising Quality and Safety

Tea, herbs, extracts and botanicals are sensitive natural products. As a manufacturer and supplier, we not only bear a great responsibility to you, but also to your customers, the end consumers. We live up to this responsibility within the framework of a consistent safety concept, and numerous certificates attest to our implementation of this concept across the board.

Diligence from the seed onwards

We carry out the most rigorous analysis as early as the plant selection and processing stages.
The benchmarks we aspire to, besides national and international requirements, are the even stricter criteria we impose on ourselves which we monitor in a comprehensive quality management system and which guarantee documentation in compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards. All on behalf of your trust – and great tasting, efficacious, save and innovative teas and extracts of uncompromising quality.

Botanicals And Procurement
Only the Best Botanicals for the Best Results
The production of plant-based products poses a particularly large number of challenges: unforeseeable crop failures can lead to delivery problems, external influences can impair the quality of botanicals or a lack of guidelines in the countries where botanicals are grown can result in stresses and strains. This is why we are committed to a consistent quality concept. This ensures that we always obtain our products from premium-quality and sustainably grown botanicals.

Controlled integrated cultivation
Whether we are procuring our products from reliable partners or growing our plants under contract farming – our top priority is the protection of natural resources and promotion of sustainable growth. Thus we have anchored the “k.i.A.” concept, which stands for controlled, integrated cultivation (“kontrollierter, integrierter Anbau”), firmly into our botanicals policies. These include working with our suppliers on a very long-term basis, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides as far as possible and only using clearly defined raw materials. What’s more, thanks to our integration within the nature network®, we have a secure supply of all the botanicals we need and that in the very highest level of quality. We also offer products that are 100% compliant with organic, halal and kosher standards.

Tested Safety
For Your Safety: In-Depth Analyses
All products that you purchase from us are subject to continued, rigorous tests. All of our products are examined down to the smallest detail so that we can guarantee your safety and the safety of your customers at any time. Responsibility for performing these analyses lies with PhytoLab, one of the leading specialist laboratories for herbal analytics in Europe. The independent, accredited laboratory, which is part of the nature network®, is very familiar with the diversity of plants used within Martin Bauer Group. With a wealth of experience built up over many years, PhytoLab makes a valuable contribution to our product safety.

Continuous monitoring
The Business Unit Finzelberg performs its own analyses in addition to these and examines physical parameters, such as grain size distribution, loss on drying and water content, directly. What’s more, this business unit tests every batch, intermediate product and end product for purity (using DC, GC or HPLC fingerprints), for reference substance content or active ingredient content (using HPLC, GC or spectrophotometric methods) and for microbiological purity as per the European Pharmacopoeia. This continuous monitoring means that we can track data over the various production stages and document batch homogeneity – thus satisfying customers’ high demands when it comes to product safety.

Production Methods
Gentle Production for Natural Quality
At Martin Bauer Group, we blend a wealth of human experience with state-of-the-art technology. From the processing of botanicals to extraction and drying, we use both innovative and tried-and-tested systems specialised for the task at hand. Regardless of the production process, our top priority is always the protection of ingredients and active ingredients. And to make sure that we are able to offer our customers a wide-ranging product portfolio, we are constantly developing our production methods further. One example of this is our investment in an aseptic liquid filling system, with which our Business Unit Plantextrakt will be able to perform almost sterile filling of liquid extracts for a broad customer base in future, thus offering them new and attractive product ideas.

We always view technology as a signpost guiding the way to a responsible future. This why we in the nature network® select the technologies with which we work using a great deal of expert intuition. Our commitment is to protecting the treasures of nature and at the same time safeguarding the quality of our products using environmentally friendly production facilities.

Quality Management
Risk Management for the Very Best in Quality
Martin Bauer Group applies a continuous quality control system, from the plant right through to packaging the end product. This is based upon a sophisticated quality management system in accordance with the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001 encompassing all of our business processes, from the botanicals to the tested end product. We are setting benchmarks, even going as far as to include contaminants in our deliberations that are not even associated with our product at all. What’s more, we have committed ourselves to our hygiene and HACCP concept, which identifies and monitors critical control points. With this comprehensive and meticulous procedure, we will continue to guarantee the quality of our products into the future.

Everything under control
Our proactive risk management system sets in on location and at an early stage during the cultivation and harvesting of our botanicals. Botanicals specialists from the nature network® are permanently on site in our cultivation regions to see for themselves that the applicable guidelines are being observed. And using the article and batch numbers issued, we are able to track the botanicals from the source material to intermediate products to the finished end product.

Quality Confirmed in Black and White
We would be happy to provide you in writing with peace of mind that our products fulfil the very highest standards. It goes without saying that all of our inspections are performed on a regular basis, so you can rely on consistent and permanent compliance with the requirements in question: in addition to our quality management system being certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, many of our products have been certified Fair Trade and/ or organic (NOP, EC organic code number of organic certification body “DE-ÖKO-001”). What’s more, some of our products organic certification or are kosher- or halal-certified, thus satisfying the requirements of customers of Jewish or Islamic faith.

The teas and botanicals within the Business Unit Martin Bauer are also tested in accordance with IFS and GMP. The products of the Business Unit Plantextrakt comply with the International Food Standard (IFS). The Business Unit Finzelberg was awarded the GMP certificate by Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (German Society for the Certification of Management Systems) in July 2004, becoming Europe’s first manufacturer of active herbal ingredients to do so. GMP – or Good Manufacturing Practice – stands for a consistent commitment to quality in the production and control of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients and conforms to international guideline ICH Q7A. With this certificate, our customers too can prove that the active herbal ingredients used are subject to recognised quality standards.

For further information please check specific country legislation (e.g. not US FDA approved).

Sustainable and Holistic Economic Activity
As a globally active, family-run company, we bear responsibility for the world of tomorrow. We act on this responsibility – in everything we do. For this purpose, we at the nature network® have enshrined the principle of holistic corporate responsibility into our corporate culture. A holistic approach, encompassing both a sustainable treatment of nature and fair treatment based on mutual partnership when it comes to our staff, customers and business partners. At the same time, we want to take precautions to ensure that the diversity of today’s resources will still be available to future generations and we are committed to social and cultural projects for the regions in which we live and work.