Market and Trends

Zeitgeist in a Teacup

As a supplier of teas and botanicals which is represented all over the world, we know many international target markets as well as local developments. What taste preferences and consumer habits characterise consumers in the individual countries and markets? What trends are materialising? Our international network affords us access to the expertise we need to answer questions like these.

For us, the stimuli coming from the individual markets are key factors in meeting the right tastes of consumers – and bringing “Zeitgeist” into the teacup. We work under the premise that, if we stay a step ahead, then our customers can benefit from this innovative edge, too.

Functional Herbal Infusions
Added Benefits in the Bag
Ever more consumers are opting for functional food and beverages. Functional herbal infusions are especially well-suited to improving general wellbeing and achieving a positive state of health, while tasting good at the same time. Our Product Development department regularly works on creating teas with added benefits such as these and develops functional concepts that offer you a whole host of opportunities for putting product claims on your products.

Our functional herbal infusions are made from active plant components, selected extracts and activating supplements such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. Our experts pay as much attention to the effectiveness of the components used as they do to the taste and consumption of individual compositions. This results in pleasant-tasting tea combinations for defined fields of application. Would you like to find out more? Just get in contact with us!

Close to Nature
Consumers’ awareness of healthy and natural ingredients has seen immense growth in recent years: the consumer of today is much more attentive when it comes to lists of ingredients and recipes – most likely partly because of the rising number of food allergies and intolerances. This means that healthy and natural products are in higher demand than ever before. A trend that fits in perfectly with the natural product, tea. Tea stands not only for relaxation and indulgence, but above all for naturalness. These properties open up a wealth of opportunities for positioning new products.

Especially in Europe, this development can also be seen in the market. The renowned market research institute Mintel GNPD provides market data for beverages and teas being advertised as „natural“. With more than one third, the majority of launches for beverages and teas using the term “natural (2008-2012) was registered in Europe. But also in Asia and North America, natural products are very popular.

We will support you in putting together tea blends that satisfy consumers’ high demands in terms of taste and naturalness. What’s more, Martin Bauer offers a wide range of product qualities, such as “Fair Trade” and “organic” (code number of organic certification body DE-001-OEKO).

Responsible Consumption
Indulgence with Responsibility
Consumers are increasingly basing their purchase decisions on the conditions under which foods and beverages are produced and the values of their manufacturers and distributors. The preferred products are those that are not only good value for money, but that are also ecologically and socially sustainable.

We want our company’s products to satisfy this requirement. This is why we have enshrined the principle of holistic corporate responsibility into our corporate culture. Starting from this holistic approach, we are increasingly using controlled, integrated farming in our procurement of botanicals and are committed to stringent environmental protection guidelines. In addition to this, we take responsibility for the people within our entire corporate environment – from our staff to our business partners. We are, for instance, striving for better working and living conditions for the farmers and wild harvesters in the regions in which we operate.

Find out more about how we take responsibility for the world of tomorrow

Practical Products
Convenience products spanning various segments are all the rage among consumers, in other words practical products that are easy to handle. For the beverage industry, this means first and foremost products that do not require long preparation times. This is especially interesting for young consumers, who are often on the go and want their foods and beverages to take away.

But despite the demand for “fast” foods, consumers generally do not want to forego a healthy diet. So it’s a good thing that you can meet the trend for convenience in a variety of ways when it comes to tea. How about shorter brewing times thanks to quick-brewing ingredients? Or tea pads for pad machines? Just get in contact with us – the possibilities are endless!

Exotic Fruits
On the Scent of the Exotic
Exotic fruits exude a summery feeling and blissful mood. So it’s no wonder that the tropical and subtropical fruits that we know from our holidays or restaurants are finding their way more and more into the shops. Exotic fruits are also ideally suited to fruit infusions. These provide variety on the fruit infusion shelves and surprise consumers with their refreshing combinations.

For instance, with our concept “undefined Taste of the world from the home of tea ”, we offer a wealth of possibilities for conjuring up the exotic in a teacup. Send your customers on a tasty journey around the world!

Healthy Ingredients
Enjoyment for the Sake of Your Health
A balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Most consumers know this, which is why such products are in greater demand than ever before. At the same time, the requirements placed on healthy foods and beverages are growing. Consumers want these to taste good and deliver enjoyment.

At Martin Bauer, we offer you a range of options for integrating health-boosting ingredients into your desired tea. One example of these is beneficial antioxidants, as found in some so called Superfruits. Antioxidants can reduce the development of free radicals, aiding cell renewal. Just get in contact with us for more information!