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Loose/ Tossit / Drawstring Teabags

Tossit is a newly developed filter bag consisting of a drawstring that will transform the use of traditional infusers.  

Tossit filter bags are an easy-to-use, practical design that is sufficiently durable and can be used for loose-leaf tea, spices, herbal blends and even bath salts to name but a few.

The expanding base allows the products inside the bag to fully expand.  The paper is made from flavourless natural fibers that allow the complete infusion of the contents. All food safety standards have been adhered to, and certification can be provided.

The bag is closed with a drawer string ensuring that nothing can escape, thus providing a luxurious moment of complete relaxation.


  • It consists of pure and natural paper materials that are designed not affect the superb taste of the tea.
  • The drawstring bags are easy to dispose of and create a convenient way to infuse your product in a controlled and measured way. 
  • The design is convenient, with one quick, effortless pull, the bag is sealed.
  • The bags are voluminous, so the tea or herbs have freedom of movement to infuse in your water.


Packaging unit of tossit-bags as gastronomy pack (GP) 10 x 100 bags (=1.000 bags)
Bag size 80×95 mm
Bag weight 0,5g / bag
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