Herbal and Fruit

A Tasteful Combination:

Herbal and Fruit Infusions

From apple and rosehip to peppermint, hyssop and verbena: our range of herbal and fruit infusions is as varied as nature itself. Choose from single-ingredient products like chamomile or combinations of fennel, aniseed and caraway – it’s entirely a matter of taste and your requirements. How about naturally flavoured blends – for instance with lime or fruits of the forest flavour – or blends enriched with added vitamins and functional extracts?

Whichever composition you choose, our experts search the whole world over for the finest varieties. These are inspected according to stringent quality criteria and processed gently to protect the aromas. And we guarantee that the taste of your tea will remain the same for years: our highly specialist staff select the ingredients from hundreds of batches and blend them together to make a tried-and-tested yet unique composition. By the way, we can of course create your desired tea to your own personal specifications.

Product Diversity
A Variety of Teas – Entirely as You Want Them
The variety of teas offered by Martin Bauer is unique the whole world over. We produce herbal and fruit infusions in a vast array of flavours and offer you products with or without aromas. Many of our products are also available in organic quality. We hold a wide range of organic certifications, such as EU-Bio, NOP and Bio-Suisse. We also offer products certified to religious standards, as well as a Fair Trade assortment. We are equally flexible when it comes to the different types of cuts, offering rough and fine cuts, as well as a large variety of special cuts. Be inspired and discover a small selection of our herbal and fruit infusions.

Herbal infusions – from spicy and tart to smooth and sweet
Such as fennel, chamomile or peppermint

Fruit infusions – fruity and tasty
Such as rosehip-hibiscus or apple-cinnamon

Flavoured herbal and fruit infusions – perfect combinations
Such as pear-vanilla, strawberry-kiwi, orange-pineapple or lemon-ginger

Functional herbal infusions – a selection of effective ingredients
Such as echinacea, ginseng-St. John’s wort, calcium or Vitamin C

Ready for Maximum Performance in Further Processing
Our endeavours and our passion have one clear focus: we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you. You can be sure that our herbal and fruit infusions are easy to pack: you will be able to pack them on your premises, even using high-speed machines. Make the most of this advantage and profit from economically efficient further processing!

The secret behind the ease with which our products can be packed and further processed using machines is rooted in decades of optimising our production methods. The result: exceptionally free-flowing and consistent products that can keep up with even the fastest processing speeds of your machines. At the same time, our products produce very little dust, which means that you benefit from smooth, fast packaging and keep dust levels in the air low for your staff. Here too, our many years of experience and process optimisation have paid off.